Piano Cleaning and Cabinet Repair

Meridian Piano Movers provide professional and experienced cabinet repair and cleaning for all types of pianos. We are the primary provider for one of the largest fire recovery firms in Central Indiana, so we’ve dealt with just about everything.

If your instrument is showing age, we can “spruce it up” for you. We will clean the instrument of all dirt and dust, polish the brass, buff out the cabinets finish, and touch up the dents and dings. If the key tops are chipped or yellowed, we can replace them with new bright white surfaces. Just give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs.

Meridian Piano Movers - AB Gale - Fire Restoration

This is a picture of an 1850’s era AB Gale square grand piano. About 13 months ago the owner suffered a severe fire in their home. We picked the piano up, brought it to our shop, treated it for odors from the fire, thoroughly cleaned it to remove heavy layers of soot, and did everything we could to restore the finish. The piano has been owned by the same family for 5 generations.
The owner recently visited our shop to inspect the piano. She is very, very surprised and pleased with the results, and the piano has been returned to her home. We are pleased that we have had a part in helping this antique piano continue its service to the family.

At Meridian Piano Movers, we get a kick out of tackling things that are dirty, musty, crusty, corroded, and smelly. We like to make them clean, polished, and like-new again. Here are some examples: