Piano Moving

Meridian Piano Movers is the premiere piano mover in Indianapolis, South Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Southport, Beech Grove, Mooresville, Wanamaker, Franklin, Whiteland, Martinsville, Columbus, Edinburgh, Shelbyville or throughout Indiana. We have the proper equipment and tools to easily prepare your instrument for moving, as well as one of the most sophisticated trucks built specifically to move any type of piano.

Because we move so many types and styles of pianos and organs, we own a vast array of tools specific to the trade. We also have the proper heavy duty pads and dollies so that your instrument is carefully wrapped and moved.

Indy 500 Piano Delivery

Meridian Piano Movers delivers a concert grand piano to the starting line for the centennial running of the Indianapolis 500. The piano would be used during the pre-race festivities. Notice the piano is about to cross the famous “Yard of Bricks”.

Meridian Piano Movers can meet your piano moving needs. We move any size of piano from a small spinet to a 9 foot concert grand piano. Moving pianos should be done by professional movers who have many years of piano moving experience. Pianos and organs are more difficult to move than household furniture. Pianos are instruments with delicate parts but are extremely heavy at the same time. We have done many repairs on pianos that have been damaged by furniture movers. Furniture movers rarely move pianos and their moving crews usually undergo frequent personnel changes.

Our equipment is designed for piano and organ moves. The lift gate on our primary truck is the largest in the industry, and is one of the only lift gates that can be easily leveled if the truck is parked on a slope. This makes moving your piano much safer for our crew, and helps protect your instrument.

Lift Gate In Use

Our truck is specifically designed with a heavy duty liftgate to move pianos safely and efficiently. We invest in the best equipment in order to better serve you and protect your instrument.

Once in a while, a large piano can’t go up a tight staircase, and the building might not have a large-enough elevator to accommodate a grand piano. The piano must be lifted with a crane. We have a strong working relationship with two of Indiana’s crane companies, and have been involved with numerous moves requiring a crane. Even if your piano needs to go to a 4th floor walk-up, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Should your instrument need to go up over a balcony, we own a portable hi-lift that allows us to safely and easily lift a heavy grand piano as high as twenty-two feet to a second story loft or an inside balcony.