Sell Your Piano

If the time has come for you to sell your piano, we can be of help.

We are interested in older and newer pianos that are in good condition (spinets, consoles, studios, uprights, baby grands, large grands, and concert grands). We are also interested in digital pianos (less than ten years old) and Allen church and theater organs.

Sometimes, we can offer you immediate cash for your instrument. Most of the time, we would offer our services for a consignment, meaning we would act as your agent to bring about the sale of the instrument.

Give us a call, or send us an E-mail, and we can discuss your particular piano (or organ). We will make you a firm offer for you to consider. If you decide to accept our offer, the agreement will be put in writing.

In either case, we will have our professional piano movers bring the instrument in. We will clean it, tune it, make any needed repairs, service it thoroughly, polish the brass, rub out the casework. With a large base of new and repeat clients, We will usually find a new home for your instrument quickly.

When you call, It would be helpful for you to know the size of the piano (the height of a vertical piano or the length of a grand piano) and its serial number if available. For organs and digital pianos, it would be great to have the model number.

Serial numbers on vertical pianos are usually found inside the piano near the top and adjacent to the tuning pins. Most serial numbers are five to seven digits long and will sometimes include letters.

On grand pianos, the serial number is usually found just below the music desk (where you set your music) and adjacent to the tuning pins. It is usually seen as black numbers stamped into the large bronze plate of the piano.

It is also very helpful to us if you could send us a few good pictures of your instrument. Ideally, we would want to see pictures of the piano from the front, and from both the left and right side. We would also like to see it with the key cover open and closed. If it is a grand piano we would love to have a picture of the interior of the piano with the lid opened (so we can see the strings and large bronze plate).

Maybe you are not completely ready to sell your instrument, but you would just like to discuss the potential of selling it. Just give us a call or send us an E-mail, and we can begin the discussion. There is no obligation.